Nozon is a post production facility delivering high quality visual effects, 3D animation and fully immersive 360° CG movies.

Since 1998 we have grown steadily to become a well-known reference thanks to our artistic approach and strong R&D department.

Clients worldwide trust us every day to achieve complex VFX and 3D animation on their productions.

Our passionate creative team apply their skills to:

•         Advertising

•         Feature films and series

•         Music videos and documentaries


in 2015, Nozon introduces PresenZ, a revolutionary technology for immersive movies.

PresenZ allows for interactive parallax in 360° CG movies.

We can deliver the image quality of a sci-fi blockbuster together with the immersive feeling of a real-time game engine.

Nozon offers the complete computer hardware and content package enabling stunning 360° movie experiences for:

•         Marketing and promotional events

•         Showroom presentations.

•         Virtual rides for entertainment parks